Project Underwriting

We have had real world underwriting for over 250 hotel projects over two cycles. From simple "back of the envelope" feasibilty analysis to a full underwriting package suitable for institutional financing presentations. Filament has the experience and resources to help you understand the feasibility of your project and present it in a compelling manner to financial institutions who are looking to fund such projects. Our straight-forward honest approach helps our clients avoid poor investment decisions and helps them make the most of the best opportunities in the market.

Concept Development

A solid concept lies at the heart of every successful hotel. A compelling hotel needs every aspect of the hotel to have the same DNA - from the Lobby design to the Do Not Disturb Sign and the Uniform - and the hotel's concept is that DNA. As a team we have developed concepts over 25 hotels, restaurants and spas, and have managed project teams to execute effectively against those concept. Without a strong concept a hotel design process becomes a matter of subject opinion where the loudest voice in the room prevails rather than the most compelling concept. Our services result in a concept book and story that is used by the various teams from interiors to Web Designers and the Operation's team to bring the hotel to life.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence service covers the entire spectrum from market analysis and site evaluation to assembling teams to complete physical due diligence of hotel properties. Our due diligence report lays out the cold hard facts related to your project to help you make the decision about whether and how you wish to proceed with your acquisition, renovation or disposition of your asset. Sometimes the decision not to acquire a property is the best investment decision you can make.

Technical Services

Our Technical Services help you get the guts of your project right. We help you optimize what the guest doesn't necessarily see, but can make the difference between an effective and efficient hotel and an operational nightmare. We handly the physical aspects such as programming and layouts as well as evaluating the best systems for your back of house from Property Management Systems and Wireless Internet to Accounting and Payroll. While they may not be aspects that are immediately visible to your guest, they help you operate your hotel more seamlessly and profitably.


Filament Hospitality offers a full spectrum of procurement services. With over 35 years of "hands on" operations experience, our procurement team has a clear understanding of hospitality operating requirements with enables us to provide unique solutions that combine functionality with design, value and durability. On each project, you will work directly with a procurement project manager to coordinate every aspect of your project from start to finish with the full time support of the Filament team. Our services include conceptual and as specified budget planning, cash flow projections, global product sourcing and bid comparison, purchase order documentation, budget tracking and reporting, invoice management, delivery coordination, warehouse and installation management.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management Services range from full pre-opening services to ongoing oversight of hotels. Our focus is much broader than the typical asset manager and our experience is solid in the boutique, lifestyle, resort and independent segment of the industry. We pride ourselves in partnering with you in all aspects of opening, repositioning, or ongoing operations and revenue generation. Our expertise lays in taking the Concept and layering in the operational components and creating a winning opening business plan. We are seasoned and experienced operators and can assist you with all aspects of your business as your valued partner. Services include: Business Plan, Financial Oversight, Operational Guidance, Sales, Revenue and Marketing Guidance, Compliance Review and Human Resources.

Design Management

While there are many talented designers in the world, that talent needs to be channeled effectively to get the most out of the dollars you are spending on your hotel. Filament Hospitality has worked with dozens of designers in helping them focus their energies on the elements that will enable the hotel to maximize RevPAR. From selecting the right designer for your project and defining their scope to guiding them through value-engineering exercises, we can help ensure that every last dollar you invest has the maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Project Management

Project Management is an essential function in the new-build, renovation or repositioning process of your project. Filament Hospitality will help you map out the renovation process, set up a project budget, select the project team and coordinate the renovation and repositioning efforts throughout the course of the project. We closely oversee the architect, interior designer, purchasing agent, and additional consultants to create a project that holds true to the concept, meets the owner's vision while fulfilling the needs of a functioning hotel operation.

Technology Consulting

Through innovative solutions and leading industry practices, the Filament team can assist you in selecting, implementing, and maintaining the best technology suite for your property. Filament's use of forward thinking cloud-based solutions for sales and marketing, revenue management, and property operations and maintenance systems lead to direct savings and efficiencies in daily operations. A solid technology plan is key in all aspects of hotel development and operations - we can advise you on how to create the most value for your property through technology.